Please try a week of classes for FREE!

Pay per class is $5

10 punch pass is $40

(brings cost to $4 per class)

Unlimited Monthly pass is $45

Buddy Pass is $64/mo

Two people must purchase this pass together ($32/person) this pass has unlimited classes per month           

Play Group Pricing

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*If you have a daughter in the ballet classes you will receive a $5 discount on all passes, excluding the buddy pass.

Cash and checks only

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“Play Group” will be provided for all morning class times, excluding Saturday morning. If you bring children to the play group they must stay in the day care.  You cannot bring them into classes with you.  If you have a baby that stays in a car seat you may bring the baby in a car seat to class with you. No children under 12 months of age allowed in the play group.  No food in play group please.  Drop in rate for play group is $2 for the first child and $1 for any subsequent children.  If you would like to pay up front for the month the price drops to $12/mo.

Equipment is needed for most classes. These items will be listed by the class descriptions.  You may purchase them on your own.  We will have a couple of items on loan and we will also have a store for you to purchase the items when you come.  If you have limited experience with weights start with 3-5 lbs of weight depending on your ability level.  You will move up in weight as you gain endurance and strength through regular class attendance.

DISCOUNTS:  If your child is a student of the ballet you will receive a $5 discount on any fitness pass!  This discount excludes the buddy pass.


Boot Camp/Tone/Sculpt

Zumba is an energetic and fun dance aerobics class with a Latin feel.  Zumba is the latest craze in dance fitness and it attracts people of all ages and ability levels because of its infectious energy. You have to try it… you will LOVE it! For Monday night Zumba we turn the lights low and have a disco ball going, so much fun! No equipment needed for this class.  Zumba instructors will be on a rotation. This way you will get a lot of variety!

This class is a full hour of toning, sculpt, and conditioning.  We will use a variety of movements  and equipment for every part of your body.  This class is to tone and define the muscles and achieve maximum results from your work outs.  This class will also have “power” nights where we focus more on a particular muscle group and may also use interval training to add in a little cardio for even more muscle definition.  A great class, and as always at our studio, made to be fun!  For this class we use 5-8 lb weights, ball, bands, and a mat.


Pilates is an amazing way to shape your body for longer leaner muscles and strengthen your core.  Most people know and have experienced the benefits of Pilates; it will change your body and strengthen and stretch you in ways that other exercise regimens cannot.  Rochelle is the instructor and she has years of experience to make this class both enjoyable and effective.  For this class you will need a mat and weights.

Ballet Aerobics

This class is for those who would like to try easy ballet movements that will condition and tone your body in a whole new way.  Ballet dancers have long muscles from using posture and technique to control their muscles and gain strength through movement that stretches through the entire muscle and pushes your flexibility.  This is not a ballet technique class.  This class is meant to condition and tone.  Ballet movement will improve your posture, body control, strength, and flexibility.   For this class you will need to find your own comfort level for shoes.  Either dance shoes or socks should work.

Kick boxing Cardio/Weights

Kick boxing is fun and a great cardio work out, but it also tones and conditions at the same time.  This class will have very basic kick boxing moves taught in an easy to follow format.  Kick boxing will be combined with toning and weights for a full body work out. This class uses 3-10 lb free weights and a mat. 


Yoga is such a great way to build strength and flexibility all at the same time. Yoga uses poses that require strength as you move and hold each pose, flexibility and balance as you maintain and hold the pose.  As we get older it is so important for each of us to stay strong, but also equally important to stretch and maintain muscle fluidity.  Yoga will sometimes be combined with Pilates movement for versatility and strength in movement.  Yoga is also a great avenue for meditation and relaxation for the body and the mind.  For this class you will need a mat.

About Our Fitness


Our goal is to provide an environment where busy women can come and find a place to work out, that they not only want to come because of the environment, but  it’s convenient to come and work hard at their fitness goals.  We want to provide a place where women feel befriended, have fun, and find that they are being provided with the best services possible.  Each class will be energetic, fun, purposeful, and have experienced teachers that are prepared to help students with fitness goals.  We want women to have fun and be challenged all at the same time. 

Take time to read about the fun and unique classes we offer.  Read the teachers’ biographies as well, and come to know how much we have to offer you in reaching your fitness goals.



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Plyometrics is also known as “jump training” and is designed to force the muscles to exert the maximum amount of energy in a short period of time.  These exercises increase speed and power and is also very effective in burning a lot of calories.  Because of the intensity of doing these jump series the instructor will fuse in weights, yoga, pilates, and other toning exercises in intervals.  This class will use weights, mats, bands, and balls as equipment.